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Originally started by Tom Masterson and Mark Butler, together they formed a charity-based wheelchair basketball club in 2002. The club was at that time named the Stratford Players, which only had two teams in the National League. As they became more established, a decision was made to find a more permanent home and also a new name. Thus the creation of ‘The Warwickshire Bears’ now commonly known as 'The Bears' who built their new home in Henley in Arden. As they continued to grow, placing three teams in the National League, one of which was in the Premier Division. As a result of the club’s success and increasing number of both female and junior players, a women’s team was formed to play in the women's league. Also a junior team known as ‘The Cubs’ was formed to enable younger players an opportunity to play and compete in the junior league. 11 years on … We have now made our new home at North Solihull Sports Centre with teams across all leagues combined with a newly formed under-14s team, as part of our fantastic juniors program we now have members as young as five enjoying the sport.

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